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Success Stories

Check out these testimonials from actual Contour Core Sculpting System Ab Belt users. Users of the Contour belt generally can expect abdominal strengthening and toning benefits. If you follow a sensible diet and exercise program you will improve the visibility of the toned abdominal muscles. So if you're ready to take the first step to the best abs you've ever had, Order your Contour Core Sculpting System today.
I suffered a severe herniated disk, just days before my 32nd birthday. I was unable to walk for the first few days, and then had to use a walker for weeks afterwards. My once fit body, already a bit on the decline since my knee injury, had become less and less the athlete body I was used to. Using the Contour Ab belt, in combination with my great chiropractic care, allowed me to be up and moving around in about a month, and in great shape by the time my wedding rolled around! Now, my abs are the BEST that they have EVER looked, which is a great feat, considering I have exercised them for years with various routines. Plus, the strength in my core is outstanding, and at times, using my ab belt was the only exercise I was doing, and I still kept my figure! Amazing! I credit my Contour Abs for helping me create the strongest, flattest abs I have ever had, and a strong and healthy core and back!
One night I was watching your Contour commercial. I ordered it thinking this was like everything else, to good to be true. But, it had a 30 day free trial, so I went for it. I was IMPRESSED!!! I was sold after 1 week. I followed the diet and exercise tips that came with it. It was so easy to use. I could do it while I was getting ready to go to work in the mornings. Most of all, I think it saved my marriage. I feel better and more active than I've ever been. I feel so sexy. I have great confidence in my body and myself. My husband loves that he "got his wife back". It has truly changed my life. And I'm very grateful.
I'm a skeptic so when somebody says, "I have this" or "I see this", I say no pain no gain. I'm like the dinosaur that's coming into the twenty-first century. I turned on the TV, and on Sunday morning all there was is all the commercials. It just so happens it was the Contour Core Sculpting System that I was watching. I was watching this system and listening to everybody talk about it, and I said to myself... "I do a gazillion crunches. You mean to tell me when I put this on things are going to look this good?!" So I kept watching it, I already had the phone number written down because I didn't want to leave the living room. So now the owner, Ken, who turned around and said that he liked the product so much, he ended up buying the company! So I said, "I have to try this". Right away, I cranked the resistance up. When I did that, it was like someone taking the air right out of me. I could feel my abs... they were just pulsing. I turned around and said, "This thing might really work!" So I kept working it, but you know, there's a lot more than that there is Diet and Exercise. You can't do one without the other. And the Contour Core Sculpting plan gives you that meal plan. It tells you want to eat and what you should be eating. And if you put one and one together, you're going to achieve the goal that you're looking for! And this is what I was looking for. I was looking for a way that if I didn't want to do the crunches, I had a backup plan. Well... after using the belt, now it's like four-five times steadily. I can BBQ, I can do housework, I can sit on the couch and watch movies. How sweet is this?! Going to the gym all these years, I see people doing crunches, they don't even know how to do crunches and they're wondering why their backs are killing them. So after really using this belt and really staying with it, I got to tell you... this product really works.
My wife had been looking for something to help us get jump started with our fitness regimen. We have busy lives between our 3 children, their activities and our two businesses!! I was surprised to find out that it actually works!! She tried it and loved it, I tried it and, being the true skeptic, was amazed at how my abs felt. As a result of this jumpstart, we now get to the gym on a fairly regular basis, but regardless of our day, we begin with the contour belt and the results have been amazing. By the way I didn't mention that I am 50 years old!! And I refuse to get any older, this has allowed me to play softball, ice hockey and greater golf. Due to my increased abdominal strength I can drive the ball 300 yards and better!! My longest drive was 396!!!
The results from using the Contour belt, in my case, came in about three months. At the beginning, I probably wasn't so close on eating healthy, but as I got into using the belt I said, "Why am I wasting my time working so hard, using the belt? But then I'm sabotaging myself by eating unhealthy." So I went back and took another look at the system that Contour offered and started reading. I said, "This is something I can do." I love eating the vegetables and the fruit, and I started noticing after a while, that hey I'm having more energy, I'm not as tired, and I'm also seeing fast results as far as my abs coming out. When I'm at work, people tell me, "You're looking like you lost weight" and I tell them, "Well it's the Contour belt!" And they said, "Come on now, you got to be doing other things" and I said, "Yea I do other things, I do run and do workout with other machines." But I'm noticing on the ab part, it's focusing on the part I want to take care of!
I LOVE this system and include it in my daily exercise routine. As you can see from my before photos - my fat is concentrated in my belly area. It's the first place I gain and the last place I loose my weight. I've tried a different system that used this type of technology but it was basically a big waste of money. The Contour System is so easy to use and I love that I can throw it on and do other activities like - getting ready for the day (applying make-up or doing my hair), cooking dinner, working on the computer... it makes me feel like I'm using my time wisely! :) My goal in using the Contour System is to obtain the 6-pack"!!! I'm on my way!!!!! Thanks for making such a great product!!
I purchased the Contour just before the New Year and already I have seen great results I couldn't really get on my own at the gym. With the proper diet and exercise and incorporating Contour, the possibilities are endless. I got fantastic results in a quick amount of time because you're working muscles that you typically can't get to when doing a regular crunch or sit-up. I use the Contour typically every evening when I first get home from the gym for a little more than an hour. I was skeptical at first, but as I continued using it I was completely impressed and more satisfied. I have far more definition and tone in my abs and my love handles are slowly beginning to firm down. It is so convenient and effortless to use, it completely takes the chore out of doing just plain same old same old and offers such quicker results.
My coworkers were amazed. They didn't notice it at first, but then noticed the subtle differences. And then weeks later, they were like, " How are you losing all this weight? What's going on?!" And I'm like, "Well it's this belt that I'm using, the Contour Ab belt that you see on TV and I've been using it." It's working for me. Following the diet plan and following the exercise routine, and I'm using the belt... it's making a big difference.
Talking on the telephone -- from friends, and everyone else who sees me... they first thing they say is ""Oh my God, you look so great!"" From where I started, to where I'm at now, I owe it to the Contour.
I literally walk around doing my laundry at my complex in my bathing suit! I've never walked around wearing my bathing suit before, but I want people to see what I've accomplished. I want them to see my body. And I feel so good and so confident that I can do that!
With the Contour Core Sculpting System you just put the belt on and turn it on. You can be watching TV, or playing with your kids. It's really easy.
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