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Beyond the Brain

EMS can do four things that are beyond the
brain's capabilities:

  • It can recruit and synchronize more fibers in any muscle group to perform work or exercise. The brain typically recruits only about 40-50% of the muscle fibers.
  • It can create more muscle activity in muscles being worked. The brain has a "limiting switch" that always keeps some of the muscle in reserve for an emergency.
  • It can target specific muscle fibers. The brain cannot discern between these fiber types.
  • Prevent the psychological fatigue of exercise.

Contour Core
Sculpting System

30 Day Money Back Guarantee




The Contour Electronic
Muscle Stimulator

  • Get a great muscle strengthening workout virtually anytime and anywhere
  • Every rep is the same.. every rep is perfect
  • Just put it on and let the Contour do your ab workout for you
  • No psychological or cardiovascular fatigue
  Thermal Imaging shows how Contour EMS can activate more muscle fibers than traditional crunches  
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