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Contour Nutrition

Contour's e3 Plan

The Complete System for the Best Abs You'll Ever Have!

The Contour Core Sculpting System, featuring the e3 plan, will take you beyond diet and exercise and help you achieve your goals.

Most of us already know the answer to great looking abs we simply don't want to take the time or make the commitment to the work involved. The truth is there's no quick fix to help you lose the fat around your mid-section and get those "six-pack" abs. You need to do the 3 e's to achieve a strong core and a lean waist:

  1. eat sensibly - follow the diet guide included with the Contour system to help reduce the layer of body fat covering your midsection.
  2. exercise regularly - we've included a 12-week exercise program to help you boost your metabolism.
  3. eStim - The Contour M2 muscle stimulator and Ab Belt will allow you to eliminate the need to do traditional ab exercises. With the Contour Ab Belt you can get 150 perfect contractions in session. And, best of all you can get in a workout while you go about your daily routine.

Uncover Your Abs.
Personal trainers and dietician's will tell you that up to 80% of what you see in the mirror is due to your eating habits. You could develop strong ab muscles but you may never see them under that layer of fat. So if your goal is to have "six-pack" abs you'll need to combine sensible eating habits and exercise to lose fat from all over your body.

We include a 7-Day Eating Plan with the Contour Core Sculpting system to help you achieve your goals. This nutritionally balanced plan is divided into 6-meals per day providing 1,400 calories for women and 1,800 calories for men. By eating small meals, six-times per day your metabolism speeds up because your body "learns" that more food will be on the way, so it will burn off calories instead of storing them and absorbing less cholesterol and fat.

Create a Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight and Keep It Off.
There are about 3500 calories in a pound of stored body fat. So, if you create a 3500-calorie deficit through a combination of diet and exercise, you will lose one pound of body weight. Along with a sensible eating plan you'll need to get your body moving. No matter what your activity level is, increase it. If you're a couch potato, start by walking around the block or take a walk during your lunch break. Aerobic exercises, like walking, are low intensity, long duration exercises that are intended to expend calories and burn stored fat. You may also want to add resistance training to your routine to help increase your BMR. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the number of calories you burn at rest. A simple weight lifting program two to three times a week should make a world of difference to encourage further weight loss. In fact, with every pound of new muscle you add to your body will burn about 60 calories more per day.

To help you build lean muscle and burn calories more efficiently we have created a 12 Week Total Body Dumbbell Workout. For the best results, do this workout 3 days a week as well as some cardio exercises on the days between sessions.

Strengthen Your Entire Core Without Having to Get Down on the Floor.
One of the easiest things you can do to look thinner is to maintain a good posture. Slouching makes your "rolls" more visible and can make you look heavier. To achieve better posture it is important to develop strong core muscles. Your core (made up of back and ab muscles) doesn't get adequate exercise from a typical person's daily activities. Worse yet, many people don't perform core exercises because of sore or weak back muscles, so it becomes a vicious cycle. The Contour Core Sculpting System is designed to give you a strong core and making it easier and more effective than anything you've ever tried before.

The Key to the Best Abs You'll Ever Have.
If you're someone who wants a slender waist and sexy abs, you'll soon realize that weight loss doesn't necessarily mean that you have a toned midsection. Many men and women have slimmer waists or flat stomachs, but they can still lack tone and firmness. This where the Contour M2 muscle stimulator, CoreBelt and Core Enhancement BackCare Kit comes in.

Better Results than Traditional Ab Exercises.
At the heart of the Contour Core Sculpting System is the Contour M2 muscle stimulator. This Class-II medical device has been FDA cleared for sale for the purpose of strengthening, toning and recovering healthy muscles. The Contour eStim device causes your muscles to contract and relax just as if you were doing exercises, but the Contour does it better and more efficiently. The Contour M2 reaches the deepest part of your ab muscles, enabling you to get a full contraction every time without muscular psychological fatigue or cardiovascular fatigue. And, because the Contour is creating the contraction, every rep is the same; every rep is perfect.

No Time to Exercise? No Problem.
When time is limited or you can't get to the gym, simply use the Contour Core Sculpting System in the privacy of your home or office, while catching-up on chores, surfing the web, talking on the phone or watching TV. No worries about hurting yourself doing hundreds of back-breaking crunches or sit-ups. Just put on the Contour CoreBelt and press the button. The Contour does the work and you get a great ab workout.

Nutrition and Diet Tips

The Joy of Journaling - Your Partner For Success

A great way to increase your success is to keep a visual record of your accomplishments. This can be done by simply writing your success (and setbacks) in a journal. Simply put, journaling works because it holds you accountable to your daily behaviors. If you write about your efforts, then you are more likely to follow through on your goals.

Keeping a food journal helps you to avoid "unconscious eating" - eating that leads to consumption of excess calories, beyond what you may have ever intended to eat.

Emotional eating can also lead to over consumption. Try journaling your feelings, such as stress, anger or boredom can help you pinpoint problem areas, which in some cases may serve as triggers to overeating.

We want you to succeed and to help you, we've developed a daily exercise journal and an eating journal:

  • Print out a minimum of seven journal copies for the week.
  • After printing, 3-hole punch the pages and place in a three ring binder.
  • Keep the journal close-by so you don't forget to fill it in everyday

Download the Nutrition Journal.

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