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About Contour Abs

Contour Technology was founded on the idea that there are faster, easier and more effective ways to improve your body. Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Cell phones and the computer are examples of how technology has improved our lives. Fitness can also embrace technology.

Contour uses state of the art electromuscle stimulation technology (EMS)... the same technology used for the past 30 years in the medical world. But, Contour has re-engineered this technology to benefit healthy muscles; harnessed the power to enable a person to get in the best muscular shape of their life. The products on thecontour.com are among the most innovative fitness products ever designed.

Contour takes fitness to another level, by adding an element of fashion and portability to the products. With Contour, a person can actually be doing other things while working out. Put simply, fashion and fitness converge to produce a remarkable breakthrough in muscle strengthening, firming and toning.

The people behind Contour have decades of experience in fitness and fashion marketing and manufacturing in the consumer industry. The company's dedicated team of experts is headquartered Minneapolis, MN.

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